Southsea Coffee Co.

Southsea Coffee Co. is my absolute favourite coffee shop back home in Southsea.


The coffee is locally sourced and their pride and joy. Rich and delicious, you will not be disappointed, whether you're popping in for a quick brew, or you're a coffee lover who will savour the taste for hours.

My favourite part, personally, is their home-made almond mylk. Home-made is always the way to go, and theirs is sweet and rich. It curdles a little when you pour it in your coffee (as any non-processed mylk will do) but it makes for a sweet cuppa.


Southsea Coffee Co. have an amazing range of vegan sweet treats and cheezecakes. The one pictured is a rich, chocolately raw cheeecake made with cashew cream. Better than any Costa or Starbucks, in our opinion!

If you're around in Southsea, or just nearby, definitely take a trip to Southsea Coffee Co. and we promise you won't be disappointed. Enjoy!

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